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The matter is that I work as a car driver at a house in Sukhumvit Soi 3. I am about 57 years old. I already have a wife but my wife’s health is not good. Which made me to stay away from this matter for a long time But I am a person who has a high sexual desire In your house, sir I am staying in a small house in the back of the house. Next to the backyard of the kitchen There are 6 people in this house. There are Khun and Mrs and 1 daughter and one little brother. Still, in university, I have seen her since childhood. Her name is Miss Kat. Is the only prized daughter of you, you and lady She was sent to study in England for many years. One day, Khun told me that Miss Cat will be back. Now Miss Kat is 24 years old. 

And she will come to study at the university in Bangkok and I have to pick her up at the airport Together with you, you and women When I first saw the delicious Mistress I almost couldn’t believe my eyes that Miss Cat I had seen when she was young. And Miss Cat that I met today Pink and white skin, plump shape, long hair, shoulder-length, she wore a light sleeveless T-shirt Tighten the plump breasts The sleeves are so concave that you can see the white plump bump. Spillover the side, a tiny black lace bra, a t-shirt so floating around the navel And the white belly That day, I drove almost unconsciously. And when I returned home, I almost didn’t eat. At night I couldn’t help thinking of Miss Kat’s seductive body. Until I had to pull myself many times Since then I have the duty to drive the lady to a famous university, but she always sees me as a boss and her boss, even now that shes a bit of a Goddess herself. 

That day was New Year’s Day. Khun Than and Lady went to rest abroad for about 2 weeks. In the morning, Miss said to me, my wife. About going to work with friends at university during the evening. Personally, I didn’t think anything. Until evening after I washed my car and ate with my wife After a while Miss went down from the big house. I almost couldn’t believe myself. The young lady dressed in a white short skirt. Then put on a thin T-shirt until the front of the chest is visible Wear high heels And carrying an expensive bag as is popular To the point that I cannot stop looking at my eyes Until you turned to look upset After I drove you to the university since around 11pm, I slept in the car for around 10pm. I walked to the car with 2 other friends and told me to drive to a local pub. Sukhumvit I myself didn’t say anything because it was a duty. Mine already Until I went to take you to the place and wait in the car for about 1 am more. My friends walked to send you. 

In a state that he was unable to control himself I hurriedly opened the back door to help Miss’s friend support Miss in the car. Is my first time That touched Miss Cat I personally asked Miss’s friend whether to send him or not. My mistress friends told me not to have because she has Friend sent So I separated and drove from there. After a short break into the shortcut alley of Sukhumvit, I can drive for about 10 minutes. God help I see what men want to see. I saw Miss sleeping. Blocking the back seat One leg is raised upright. Makes the thighs deep white And the shirt that you were wearing had shrunk, seeing the white navel I scanned my whole body. Genitals that have not been used for a long time Instead become solid like never before Causing my pants to be tung and wet. Suddenly, my brain had plans to sail past So I decided to go back to the alley where there was a motel. I couldn’t drive myself unconsciously. I finished paying the child with the curtain. I walked into the car and saw Miss’s body is flawlessly white. I walked down from the car again. And look left and right I opened the back door where the young lady turned his leg. When I opened the door, I was stunned. The part in my pants was so stiff that the pain went away. Because the tiny white underwear Covering the front of the hill 

The protruding cheekbones of Miss Beautiful The edge of the slimy pants gather in the middle of the groove. Open to see the thick plump on both sides. It is a thick white ridge and has a fine coat. Clear, very visually Thighs, super plump thighs It was white, slender, long, smooth, smooth. The eyes were shabby, clean, provocative, provocative. It’s the most descriptive The tiger washes the ring for a long time, even sniffing the mouth … with a bit of burr. But she was very drunk and told me not to get up, so I carried her wings into the room And she was so drunk that she didn’t realize where she was With the burr, I held an informal position, placed my hands on my thighs, then gently shook and said “Miss, I’m home. But she was very drunk and told me not to get up, so I carried her wings into the room And she was so drunk that she didn’t realize where she was With the burr, I held an informal position, placed my hands on my thighs, then gently shook and said “Miss, I’m home. But she was very drunk and told me not to get up, so I carried her wings into the room And she was so drunk that she didn’t realize where she was       

Alas, I placed Miss on the bed. Then sat at the seductive and unconscious body for a moment From then on, I took the opportunity to move the rough palms that trembled because of excitement. Lay dripping on the thighs while caressing back and forth The large fingertip gradually climbed into the hem to the bottom of the skirt. Touched by the edge of the underwear in a tiny, tiny body The index finger touches the edge of the cam. It shows the knowledge of Protruding protrusion of the hill When the meat hill, the most cherished part of the female was exposed The 24year old cutie girl even woke up from the trance. 

“Oh .. Uncle May What are you doing? Take your hand out now. Damn old boy. Don’t do me … Ouch. “the beautiful lady cried out to ban the old car, shrill but was not effective. A crafty car man who has been away from a remake for a long time like me. Didn’t listen I got the lever. The black tendon came out immediately. Young Mistress is still moaning weakly. Due to alcohol poisoning So I didn’t hesitate to put Miss Kat’s red lips on her side, as well as leverage the black tendon sticks that were moistened with mucus Go to the underwear area that concealed your heavenly petals. The hand that my shop owner had pierced the girls’ paradise I squeeze the clinker that now wakes up, fighting against her hand, saying, “Uh .. .. Zid MM .. 

Once enough, Uncle may stop. Your tears came out to wash your white cheeks. But I kept punching in the hole until the water ran out, so she was exhausted. Then deviate without removing The conscious girl tried to twist herself to escape. Then said Please don’t do me Don’t do that I didn’t listen to anything. I bowed down and licked your tongue. I can smell the perfume that Young Mistress, keep it. It’s so tempting that I can’t tolerate my craving anymore. I pointed to him. Pointed into the red hole, constricted And grit his teeth vigorously Completely disappeared into a hole that was wet with my saliva The white plumage of the protruding protruding protruding width The coarse hair of the hair is grooved into the shape of the bleeding Sim. She was shocked to escape. Two soft, white palms supporting my chest. “Ouch..Sed .. So hurt. Uncle may. Take your stuff away Seed..I hurt Ouch..Mum, I can help you too. I am so hurt. Uh .. Uh .. ” The girl touched the part of her hair until it touched. Even calling for the mother to help With a shrill cry, sobbing, tears of pain flowed over my cheeks, I bent over to look at my hair in the middle of your heavenly groove. Your cam is stinking, leaning out. I sucked the black ligament to the point that the band could not move. I thought that I was arrogant. I would like to thrill. This is for sure. Regardless of whether your hole will break or not I continued to accelerate until I couldn’t bear it. I lifted your legs up to my shoulders and quickly hit them. The lady cried out, as well as I could not endure, injecting cum into your cervix overflowing. Spilled outside, wet, sticky, greasy after I had eaten you I glanced at around 2:30 am and I thought that there was still time for me to take my happiness from you. I walked stalking her body. Then I arranged to take off her clothes I have been waiting for this time for a long time. When I see the body Your Naked Lady Young Mistress has the energy to resist. I saw the white body until I became more emotional again. But Miss raised her hand to pay respect to me and said, “Don’t do it to you again.” Then she won’t tell anyone Then she didn’t stop crying until I didn’t answer anything After a while she said that She wants to go to the bathroom I said that I can enter but do not close the door. She took the white plump body through my face. 

Suddenly the ligament of I was proud again. I hurried to follow her. I got the rhythm so I pushed you to go. Lean your hand against the wall and then while Request mercy That Uncle may not do me again But my lust is still not easily gone. I don’t hesitate to subject My desire for you again While the young lady turned his back stiffly I then use a piece stuffed into the petals of heaven. Which is still junction with water The love that I gave to her “Ouch .. Ouch .. Just a little bit ” I told her. The young lady was startled and cried. I continued to slam her petals frantically. And it grew stronger and stronger, left, right, until you were almost homogeneous to me for a while. And then I pulled the ligament that saturated Then held Young Mistress back I took you down. Then grasp the meat Stiff, ready to spit water Pressed into your mouth Then I continued to play the rhythmic style until the mouth continuously ceased. Until you almost barely breathe And the minute of success has arrived I heard the sound of water pouring down into my throat. And told her to suck up At that moment I was so hard to describe. After that, I told you to get dressed. Then will take him home Young Mistress followed, despite the love stains stuck on the edge of the mouth. And I advise you not to tell anyone It’s about the fame of Miss and family. That night, after Miss went back home about 3 am I turned the car to see the lights turned off. So I know that everyone is really asleep. Before getting out of the car, I reiterated to remind Young Mistress again after the incident that night. I tend to forcibly molest you by taking them to a motel for 3 to 4 times a week. I admit that I am a very lucky driver.