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Best Asian sex dolls for adult

Are you having trouble finding the perfect Asian sex doll? If yes, your search is going to be over as the top-rated Asian sex doll manufacturer, Kanadoll, is here to provide you with the most realistic Asian sex dolls. Asian sex dolls are sold in every corner of the world and you would be surprised to know that kanadollget 100% customer satisfaction feedbacks. You can buy a huge variety of Asian sex dolls on the website including BBW Asian sex dolls, Korean sex dolls, mini Asian sex dolls, small Asian sex dolls, Coquettish milf Korean sex dolls, Busty Asian sex dolls, Black Asian sex dolls, Big Breasts Asian sex dolls, and many more to choose. Customisation is key in Asian sex dolls and kanadoll provide you with highly customisable Asian sex dolls with over 60 face options, and options for skin, height, eyes, and other body specifics. Today, most Asian sex dolls are made of either Silicone material or TPE material.


You might wonder, Which type of Asian sex doll would you like to have the most? Which material of Asian sex doll would be a better choice? What should be your budget to get good quality if a asian sex doll? The answers to these questions vary largely according to the requirements of the customer, their choices, likes and dislikes. In this article, we will understand the advantages and disadvantages of TPE and silicone asian sex dolls and understand which type of asian sex doll would be best for an adult. After knowing the advantages and disadvantages of both you would know which one suits you the best. You can visit the Kanadoll website to have a look at some of the best quality Asian sex dolls.

Be wise and make sure to make the right choice as you are going to invest your hard-earned money to get a pleasurable and memorable sexual experience. You can buy the hottest Asian sex dolls and silicone Asian sex dolls at kanadoll online shop: https://www.kanadoll.com/sale/asian-sex-doll/

Silicone material:

Silicone is used in making a variety of sex toys for many years. It has high durability and can be cleaned easily. Many silicone dolls have incorporated heat systems. TPE is a fairly new material in the sex toy industry in comparison to Silicone. Most silicone dolls are expensive but they offer good quality. However, you might need to use powder if you prefer to have Silicone Asian sex doll.

Advantages of Silicone sex dolls:

  • Non-porous material makes it easier to sterilize and clean the love doll
  • Highly resistant to strains and it can be cleaned easily
  • It resists heat and can incorporate integrated heat systems
  • Provide a more realistic look to the penis, vagina and other body parts

Disadvantages of Silicone sex dolls:

  • Can be very expensive, especially those dolls having big size models
  • Thick and rigid in comparison to TPE material dolls
  • Usually, less durable than TPE dolls
  • Sticky material, you need to apply some baby powder to get a better experience.

TPE material:

A TPE sex doll is made with a typical mixture of plastic and rubber. The exact proportions depend on the manufacturing company and thus the softness of a TPE sex doll vary largely according to the manufacturer. Thermoplastic Elastomer or TPE is used in various day to day products. Usually, a sex doll made from TPE material is cheaper in price. It has various properties like moulding ability, flexibility, and a soft feel.

Advantages of TPE material:

  • It is soft to touch
  • Do not heat up much but retains warmth
  • It is squeezable and flexible allowing various postures and position options
  • The quality is good according to the price. It is highly affordable than Silicone
  • Odourless and hypoallergenic

Disadvantages of TPE material:

  • It is though to clean and maintain, and it cannot be sterilized
  • It catches stains easily
  • The thickness, quality and flexibility vary largely according to the brand manufacturers

You can choose to buy either of the two options. No matter which material you choose! The best Asian sex doll is the one that carries advantages and disadvantages according to the requirements of the buyer. It is about the sexual preference of people, likes, dislikes, and various other factors keeping the budget in mind.

Which Asian sex doll is best for me?

Both Silicone and TPE Asian sex dolls have similar qualities. All you need to think is about your specific preferences. Many manufacturers are shifting their major manufacturing operations for TPE material as it is more affordable and can provide a considerable quality experience. Here you can also view the most popular Asian sex doll series:

Korean sex dolls: https://www.kanadoll.com/sale/korean-sex-doll/

Japanese sex dolls: https://www.kanadoll.com/sale/japanese-real-doll/

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