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Thai University Sex Adventures

Hello, I am now studying in an institution of Year 4 and I am 23 years old. It is about to end next year It happened to a friend of mine. It has a girlfriend. She’s name is copied, and the face is so-so. But the plump white body, big breasts, and I and many other friends in the group like to go drinking in the copy room (At that time, we were in Year 2) The copy room is at the housing side beside the university. Which my friends have something with their boyfriend And when drinking drunk Or have to work late at night Will sleep in the copy room late at night to hear a loud noise “Ba. Ba. Ba. Ba. Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba” Which it has The only thing is that my friend took it with the first fans, then watch it because I like the style of copy She is really good at sex. Both gliding and bouncing There are many times that my friends and sneak peek Saw a goblet of water on my friend’s erotic water It seemed like he was thirsty. She almost can’t eat. Bounced off after a drop Playing with my friend, bruxism (Not daring to sing loudly, would be embarrassing for us). I kept snatching many kites but talking about copying is not a type of me. Importantly, it is her sister’s name is Tai.

I first saw when traveling to the house of Gop At the end of the semester Ban Ko, a fishery by the sea Nong Tai, she studied in grade 5. But she calibrated 6 After seeing it, it was enough to know that she was a good university student and 22years old. She had long hair and an oval face. In addition, the nose is beautiful but not very prominent. (Her face is like a Japanese babe) but with a good body like an elder. White milk has grown to be attractive. I saw her body while playing in the sea. She wears a white T-shirt and shorts. When wet, think about it. This is mine. It’s good that I wear underwear, otherwise would be embarrassing. But coming to his house, what can he do? Just chatting with peeping I saw her talk to her sister about going to enter a famous state university. But the mother didn’t give it because she was just 22 years old. It’s not a month yet. It’s strange that your mom won’t let you go. She’s scared. She said she wants to study quickly. Don’t want to be at home or study 6 Later, she came to tell and copy He said that she went to study at the same place as my mother. May give it. I will try to ask Tai to say yes. I cheer it all up. After that day, my friend and I returned home.

Copy to lie to mom that she will come. Study But would like to come to be with my friends, probably want to be like before. When the semester begins, come to study at the same place as me, she is staying in the sister’s room, but we still go to drink in the copy room as usual But Tai doesn’t like it when we go She goes to her friend’s room every time. Then an important day in Zivid came. I have heard my friend and copy say that Tai is sleepy. My friend said that it almost has underprivileged many times, but always before. But I think it boasts One day, many of us went to travel Before going, many friends invited Tai but she said she didn’t go. She took a shower. She is wearing short shorts again. Very white. Want to see if the hair is up? When I was traveling, my friend got drunk and danced with the girl making a copy of the ghosts to escape back to my room. My friend invited me to the room. When he arrived at the room, it was locked. But my friend has a key, it appears that he hasn’t gotten back I went to the bathroom first.

But only after walking out My friend is fondling my dearest brother, I can’t believe my eyes. Tai, really lie still. Tai Dai is really sleepy. Tai, my friend is squeezing milk He started to smash the robes, saw him, but he smiled and sent me a sign to see the origin. I think for a moment I would like to go to jam it. Tai got hit by it She didn’t wear a bra. Almost saw the nipple He took his hand to crumple the inside. The other hand is drawing in the pants. I stood firm as I walked in to ask to join the “Gak ..” Unlocking knob My friend took a silk satin blanket. Tai still slept without knowing. In summary, copy back. My friend asked where to go for a long time. Copy and tell us to talk Bring the car key too My friend claims that the oil has run out. Copying so I borrow my car Friends turned to invite to go together. I don’t want to go. Well, Tai is just within reach. It might be prudent to persuade Just copy, why say it to people Is it dead? Probably angry at the matter. A friend went so far Before leaving the room, it turned back to look at the sleeping bed and then looked at me. Once we were out I was sitting looking at Tai. Copy pressure walking back Fortunately, I have not done anything yet. Copy the car key My friend came Can tell to take this car back first if you’re sleepy (Because my house is close) and say as if jokingly said to take my friend to cover the forest This time probably went true. (Because my house is close) and say as if jokingly said to take my friend to cover the forest This time probably went true. (Because my house is close) and say as if jokingly said to take my friend to cover the forest This time probably went true.

I locked the door and walked to Tai. Call her first. When he saw that he was asleep I looked at her face, it was cute like Japan. I began to gently suck pink lips. Her body was very fragrant. I pulled out the clothes gently. Because of being scared of you Saw the coat almost up close, saw my nipples so she flattened up again, her nipples were still pink I threw her tongue out of her nipples, causing me to lick myself. Of mine started to stand I took my hand. At the bottom, to the triangle, It hunches so much. But the hair is not much She’s not very greasy. I can’t bear it. I’m scared of anyone. How come tonight? I have to get her first. I took the top part to the bottom, pulled the pants out When I saw it, my eyes were more convex than I did. I stretched her legs out. The pink crevice appeared because of a white person. It’s so damn good I have never licked someone else before. I carefully licked it first but it got stronger when I didn’t know. Her water is flowing a lot, right now.

I sucked, nudge, drank, and turbulent for her to slip. Right now, Tai has some spasms, but I don’t care. I can put my middle finger in half. She was twitching and her voice was loud enough. I was very shocked, thinking that she was awake, not daring to move her fingers. I can only hold on for a while I dared not look up to her face and scared her. I held my finger where I’m not sure if she woke up and pretended to sleep. I pulled my finger in and out until it got in the middle of the handle. I began to lick up on top of her body, contracting my hair, rubbing my hair around her hair, rubbing my hair in her sore holes. It started to twitch She has more tense symptoms. My lips sucked her nipple back and forth. Until I want to my best I stretched her legs out. Push into the handle mid But can only enter the header Only loud noise She was startled. Came up calling my name “Brother Kan, what is it doing to hurt?” I can not answer but only peek behind the ear. One hand squeezes milk The other side held her together. She fled my hair in the hole. She was just the head. I snuggled back and forth. It worked. She was silent. She whispered with the clumsy voice, “Why Kan, why are you doing this? Tai Siao.” Then she sucked her nipples. She was faint, she stood still, twitching and twisting her cries. This time it was easier to almost close the handle. But she kept crying and told me to take it off, but I didn’t pay attention until I kept quiet. I said that he was already covered. Wait a moment, just have fun. Endure. She nods but says slowly. For longer than she has more emotions I hugged her tightly, bouncing bit by bit. She came out from the mouth of the cade. Her nibble too Ever since I was born? I am very sensitive but I can hold back. I banged once more until she ran away next to the closet. I then moved along. Who would agree to get into it? She doesn’t sing too much and probably gets used to it. Short banged hair Many times, she can only speak with thrilling sounds in the throat. I bumped up harder. Because knowing that she couldn’t get stuck in the closet until the hump and my hunch were clashing like …

Bye, she started to contract. Her hole is so strong. I stopped immediately because I was afraid that she would finish. When I saw her stop and not talk But squeezing my big arms I said that I was exhausted. I wanted to change my position. Lie down, pull her, and straddle her with her hand. Watching her learn fast, she moves. Finally, Tai twitches in another hole. I watched her symptoms tightly squeezed, probably almost to the climax. So I held her to stop. But her bottom is still gliding, I am very thrilling. I want to thrill for a long time. Therefore locked her and told not to move But can’t help anymore Both of us twitching back and forth, which we can not stop. I am very sensitive. I grabbed her by sucking her lips to not make it loud. I think that’s probably not going to stop. Because of me, it was twitching, she nibbles tightly I repeatedly crashed. Tai hugged his hand, hugging me tightly. Our water comes out at the same time. I let the water in her hole. My water comes out a lot. After picking many marks We are very happy. I told her that she was the best woman and complimented with various sweet words. She acted a little shy. And confessing that she is going to help herself When my friends and I didn’t really get to sleep, she was really sleepy.

I and her slept together until she fell asleep. I went home around 4 am This story I want to tell. Let the friend be so jealous. But I told Tai not to tell anyone I have promised that when will I graduate to ask her to graduate? But we broke up Recently She said she couldn’t handle my drunkenness. Right now, I see her alone, without a new boyfriend. This is my story. I tried to describe my feelings at that time. This is all. Right now, I see her alone, without a new boyfriend. This is my story. I tried to describe my feelings at that time. This is all. Right now, I see her alone, without a new boyfriend. This is my story. I tried to describe my feelings at that time. This is all.